In our continuous endeavour of delivering quality education right from Class IX onwards “Parth Ankur” has come into existence. Our aim is to take you beyond technical proficiency to master the mental frameworks and analytical tools for lasting individual development and success not only in school exams but competitive examinations too.

Parth Ankur helps the students to imbibe the fundamentals of the subjects with emphasis on enhancing the Logical Thinking, Scientific Aptitude, I.Q. and Mental Ability of students at a level required for national level scholastic exams like NTSE/OLYMPIADS.

This program introduces the basic academic structure required to excel in competitive exams. The course will lay a strong foundation for Mathematics & Junior Sciences at Regional, National and International level Olympiads.

The course is designed in such a manner so that the student is able to solve the entire range of questions right from the basic to the most complex (objective as well as subjective) which will ensure excellence in school exams also.

English and Mental Ability will also be an integral part of this program. Parents will be able to notice substantial difference in the analytical skills and IQ of their kids in this program.