Parth Ashram was founded by Mr Kumud Ranjan, an eminent Faculty of Organic Chemistry. Parth Ashram is a premium coaching institute for the preparation of JEE (Main & Advanced)/AIIMS/NEET/KVPY/OLYMPIADS.

Parth means one who does not miss his target and Parth Ashram is a humble effort to create a pious place where students are taught never to miss their targets Parth Ashram is dedicated to bring out the best in students so that they come out with flying colours in competitive examinations

Our Motto is Top Class Teaching with Top Class Teachers and That Too With Care. We believe that that true preparation for competitive exams can only be done under the guidance of Top Class Teachers. Further we also believe that that Care of students is an integral part of the preparation of the highly competitive examinations.The students need to be highly motivated all along the preparation which is a long time spanning over many months.

 Parth Sanjeevani is the Medical Division of Parth Ashram which is committed to provide unparalleled class of teaching for Medical aspirants.

 Parth Ankur is the Pre-Foundation division of Parth Ashram for students studying in Class IX / X. The courses are designed to develop logical thinking, analytical and reasoning skills and scientific temperament.The goal is to groom them for NTSE,KVPY and OLYMPIADS with the ultimate objective to secure Top Ranks in JEE (Main & Advanced)/AIIMS/NEET. Extreme care is taken for school curriculum also.

Over the years Parth Ashram has become a Synonym for Authentic Results.We are the only institute which declares our probable Toppers much before the examination to put to rest any kind of doubt regading authenticity of results.

To sum up, no other institute is more thorough, more systematic, more effective and more dedicated in it’s single minded endeavour for the betterment and selection of students in JEE (Main & Advanced)/AIIMS/NEET/KVPY/OLYMPIADS than Parth Ashram.